Kris Kringle
(aka MaceWindu)
Found in the Woods on Christmas Eve

At about 8 months old, Kris Kringle was found in trap on Christmas Eve.
He was hissy and spitty and terrified. 
After trying different techniques (he was food-motivated after all),  
the foster introduced Gracie and MaraJade, her own two cats,
and he became nuzzle-y and snuggly and playful with Gracie.

If cats can fall in love at first sight, Kris certainly did.
It was Gracie that distracted Kris until he was used to human contact.
He grew into a handsome, funny cat who drops his toys into the water bowls and then
fishes them out with his big double front paws.
As more foster kittens came through this foster home, Kris showed another side to his
personality. Despite his size (strong, muscular, long-legged), he is a gentle, loving
playmate to even the smallest kittens – playing carefully with them, running with them
and grooming them. Mush when it comes to kittens!

As the months went by and Kris received no significant interest from potential adopters
it became clear that he had already found his forever home. His foster adopted him
formally and Kris Kringle became the powerful, empathetic Jedi, MaceWindu,
still loving Gracie.