(aka Darwin)

Abandoned Overnight in his Carrier  

Nattapong (now know as Darwin) is a gorgeous 3-year-old lynx-point Siamese who was found
abandoned in his carrier outside a local vet’s office.
He had such a sweet personality, it was unimaginable someone would abandon him.
We soon discovered that the poor boy had diarrhea.  At first, it was assumed that the problem was stress-induced. 
But, it was actually chronic and explosive. Six months of tests, medications, trial diets, and utter exasperation
to get to the bottom of his situation and it still seemed untreatable for him and unlivable for the foster. 
Finally, a daily routine involving a raw diet combined with Metamucil and vitamins got it under
control and he is now happily living with two buddy cats and two buddy dogs.