(aka The Kman)

Found Feline is a Challenge for PAWS Experts

Kalten was found on a rainy night in a backyard near Grimsby's. He did not have a microchip, but was friendly
and looking to come inside, so PAWS brought him to a foster home and tried to find his family—with no luck. 

Kalten started out fine in his foster home but did not do well with other cats, which is not that unusual for a 
(now) newly-neutered boy. The foster mom decided to give Kalten is own room, away from the family felines,
but that arrangement didn't work well, either. Kalten suddenly developed a very volatile personality that was
difficult to manage, even for an experienced foster family. 

But, PAWS didn't give up yet! To keep Kalten and his foster family safe from his unpredictable aggression,
Kaltan spent a lot of time in a 3-story kitty playpen while PAWS looked for an alternate foster location.

Finally, Kalten moved to a new foster where he could get one-on-one, daily attention.

It took his new foster almost 3 months and the help of an expert feline behaviorist to get him to simmer down.
Working together, the foster/behaviorist team was able to help Kalten redirect his aggression via active play and
slowly building trust. He soon became a 15-lb lap cat, still with some frustrating setbacks, but never holding a grudge! 

Then, one day, a past PAWS adopter saw his candid story on our website and was reminded of the cat he had adopted
from Esther Nowell over 20 years ago.  He decided to adopt Kalten and they became fast buddies.

Now Kalten is The KMan, who gets his own chair to dominate!

A note from Kalten's forever father:
After a month, Kalten (aka 'K-man') is doing well in his new home.
He was actually settled in nicely after just a couple of days. 
He is mostly very well-behaved, although he needs an occasional reminder that hands and feet are not toys.
He has lots of high perches in the house and lots of windows, some way above the ground, some right at ground level.  
He just got a big new cat tree, although so far, he seems more interested in the box it came in.
He was a little put out that he wasn't allowed to "help" assemble it.  He's a good boy and seems very happy.